outsource out‧source [ˈaʊtsɔːs ǁ -sɔːrs] verb [transitive] HUMAN RESOURCES
if a company, organization etc outsources its work, it employs another company to do it; = SUBCONTRACT:

• As more companies outsource design skills and expertise, the sector is likely to expand.

• It is highly desirable to outsource a portion of our production needs.

— outsourcing noun [uncountable] :

• Workers affected by outsourcing will have the right to take the issue to a tribunal.

* * *

outsource UK US /ˈaʊtsɔːs/ verb [I or T] (also externalize) PRODUCTION, HR, WORKPLACE
if a company outsources work, it employs another organization to do it rather than using its own employees : »

As part of a recent restructuring, Anglian Water decided to outsource some of its operations.


The decision to outsource had been made for financial reasons.

outsource sth to sth »

Today they unveiled plans to close two factories and outsource production to Eastern Europe.

outsource jobs/work »

The bank was attacked over plans to outsource 4,000 jobs to Asia.

Compare INSOURCE(Cf. ↑insource)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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